Tree Root Sidewalk Damage

Isn’t it ugly to see a sidewalk damaged by tree roots growing below and pushing the sidewalk every different way?

Everyone by now is familiar with the sight of concrete ground down to eliminate the trip hazards created when one block of concrete is pushed up more than the adjacent block. Anyone who has had this work done recognizes that this is a short term solution caused by nearby trees. But it is not a very economical solution since the grinding weakens the concrete at the place it is under the most stress. When it does break, the trip hazard is much worse and more immediate.
And if it took several years for the trees root to cause the problem you should know that the problem is going to accelerate in the years to come. You see the root is rubbing against the pavement and it is developing a thick callus that grows twice as fast as regular root growth.
For these reasons most reputable pavement contractors will not recommend this type of work unless asked. It is not that much more to have the pavement removed and replaced and it is a long term solution.

You should also consult an arborist if you do not want to risk the health of an existing tree.
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