What Does Your Parking Lot Look Like?

Parking lot striping will fade with time depending on the weather and the wear and tear. Even “good quality” striping jobs will fade differently depending on various factors. Conversely, “bad quality” striping jobs will fade faster. Thus, when considering all of the factors, keeping an up-to-date looking parking lot will make your customers happy and keep them safe.

Take a moment to imagine the abuse that asphalt surfaces take on a daily basis. Some asphalt roads and parking lots are designed to support a certain amount of weight daily. If a parking lot has heavy trucks driving on top daily but the parking lot was designed for light use, then you will have more wear and tear. An experienced paving company will recommend the right amount of inches of asphalt to be paved depending on the use of an asphalt surface.

Now imagine how many cars will drive over the striping of asphalt surfaces. Not to mention the ADA Improvements that people are going to walk over in parking lots. I have walked over loose ADA Improvements when I have been to the store and I have seen faded ADA parking lots that looked like regular parking spots. There are also out-of-date ADA improvements out there.

Now picture a scenario where a person with disabilities cannot find an ADA parking spot at your place of business. Or a person with disabilities who slips on a loose ADA ramp improvement on the curb. It is a lawsuit waiting to happen. A badly marked parking lot with fading ADA striping and improvements is bad for business, and it is unsafe for customers. Sometimes business will overlook their parking lots for various reasons. However, a great looking parking lot speaks volumes about your business identity and professionalism.

If your parking looks like this, it’s time to call a paving company.

Your parking lot should look more like this:

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