Parking Lots and ADA Compliance

ADA compliance is important so that people with disabilities can use facilities safely. Parking lots have to be marked clearly and not only that, but they have to be maintained because paint fades over time. Maintaining a functional parking lot is not only important to comply with ADA regulations, but it will save people money in the long run.

There have been ADA violation lawsuits across the U.S. at various businesses and parking lots. For example in California there have been cases varying in monetary amounts. The easy targets for these lawsuits are older buildings. People have different opinions on the validity of these lawsuits ¹.

Whether or not ADA lawsuits are “ethical” or not, there are still laws and ultimately, it comes down to a court to decide who is at fault. When it comes to parking lots, it is easier to maintain an ADA compliant parking lot than to wait for the future. There are multiple ways of being sued for not having a functional parking lot whether it is from an injury or an ADA compliance violation.

People have to be careful because the reality is that lawsuis are real and they can happen to an unsuspecting business owner. It is important to establish a relationship with an honest paving company who will help people prevent any ADA compliance issues with their parking lots.


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1. West Covina business owner hit with multiple ADA lawsuits. San Gabriel Valley Tribune. June, 14 2013.

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