Asphalt Experience Matters

Asphalt paving jobs are fast and precise when done by an experienced company. There is no room for errors and safety is a priority. In the asphalt paving industry, experience and quality are not an option, they are required.

Quality and experience starts with the labor crews working in the field. The work is fast paced and accurate. Everyone is well coordinated and they work hard physically.

Personally, I have worked paving asphalt and I have “gotten my hands dirty.” Some white-collar professionals at some paving companies would never want to do one day of hard labor paving asphalt. However, here at Alaniz Construction, Inc. even the Marketing Coordinator (me) has experience paving asphalt.

I have a lot of respect for the field workers working the front lines of any paving company or construction company. They wake up early in the morning and sometimes work overtime until the job is done. The work ethic of these men (and women) is relentless. So I dedicate this blog post to all of the hard working men and women out there in America.

Video Description: Asphalt remove and replace. The video is shaky and sporadic to emphasize the fast pace of an asphalt job. Besides it was taken with a mobile phone after I was drinking coffee.

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