Bring Your Asphalt To Life

Revive your asphalt surface by seal coating it every 2 to 3+ years depending on various factors. It is an inexpensive maintenance option to keep your asphalt surface looking great and to make it last.

With the sun, water, and other elements, asphalt fades, cracks, and oxidizes with time. Asphalt is laid close to 300°F and it goes through significant temperature changes overnight depending on the ambient temperature. Naturally, asphalt will expand and crack over time.

Additionally, bad asphalt begins with bad installation. Thus, it is important to achieve maximum compaction on the asphalt the first time around and to use the right materials. In addition, to having skilled laborers, skilled estimators are important to have a nice looking asphalt pavement. Essentially, quality depends on the overall paving process including materials and application.

An easy aesthetic fix to a functioning asphalt surface is a seal coating option. However, it makes an asphalt surface look nice but its main purpose is to maintain a functional asphalt surface. A skilled professional paving company will determine the need of an asphalt surface depending on its life stage. Every asphalt surface is unique and may need additional repairs beyond a simple seal coating.

Before the Seal Coat:

After the Seal Coat:

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