Why you should seal coat your asphalt this Spring

Asphalt is affected by both natural and man-made elements, such as ultraviolet rays, moisture, oil and anti-freeze. Sun and water oxidize asphalt pavement, causing it to dry out and crack. As water and chemicals get into the pavement, it begins to deteriorate at a quicker rate, until the pavement fails completely and needs to be replaced in as little as 8-10 years.

Crack filling and seal coating your asphalt pavement can help prevent this from happening. If done in the spring time, you can protect your pavement from water for the duration of the rainy season and also reap the benefits of sun protection once summer hits. Seal coat will also add a protective layer between the asphalt surface and harmful chemicals.

Seal coating every 2-5 years will double or triple the life of your asphalt pavement, while keeping it aesthetically pleasing and safe (poorly maintained pavement can cause a tripping hazard).

parking lot seal coat

See the difference a fresh application of seal coat can make? The pavement on the left is about to be sealed, while the pavement on the right has been seal coated and striped.

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