The Importance of Smooth Asphalt and Concrete Roads

California has some of the worst roads in the United States. This is due to many factors mainly the environment. California gets a lot of rain and has high humidity in different regions. Additionally, the roads in California get a lot abuse from traffic! As it is, it is a challenge to have smooth roads in California especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. People want to drive on smooth roads not only because they are comfortable to drive on but because their cars will last longer! That is why it is important for contractors to consider the smoothness of the roads they are building.

There are benefits other than comfort with smoother roads whether they are concrete or asphalt. Roads that are smoother will be less bumpy hence cars will not cause as much damage on them because of the decrease in friction. Essentially, contractors will not have to spend more money on warranty repairs and their customers will be happier with longer lasting roads 1.  Thus, it is good for both drivers and the owners of the roads because they will both save money in the long run!

It seems like it is more expensive to build smoother roads but in reality it is not that much more expensive! It really depends on the workmanship of the crews paving an asphalt or concrete road that will determine the smoothness 1. Additionally, there are other factors involved that will affect the quality of the road such as the materials, machinery, and external factors such as weather. That is why an experienced crew will know how to process all of this information and provide great quality with the tangible and intangible factors that they are dealing with to construct a road.

Initially, it would seem like a good idea for a contractor to build bad roads to have repeat business but in the long run that is an unwise strategy! However, there are all kinds of contractors out there that is why it is important to get a couple of bids to see which company offers the best solution. The best strategy is for contractors to provide high quality roads to have happier customers and more repeat business. People are happier when they don’t share their coffees with the road!



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