Paving an Asphalt Road in Northern California

Asphalt companies should strive to pave in the most efficient way possible to save customers time and money. Additionally, paving should be done in the least intrusive way possible because people need to use their roads and parking lots.

In order to pave an asphalt road in a fast and efficient way, companies need to have experience. What sets paving companies apart is the experience of their employees. Otherwise, an asphalt road can be paved fast but if companies are not experts, they are not going to do a good quality job. Small details will be missed and the pavement will fail faster over time. That is why not every paving contractor is the same.

Alaniz Construction, Inc. provides the best quality possible in every job. In this video, we are paving a road in the hills of Northern California.


8/27/2014, 11:37:28 PM

Paving 101!

Great job! It’s awesome that you made this video easy and available for all to view. Keep up the good work!

Phil Palmquist

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