Paving Asphalt Trenches

Paving a trench is a relatively easy process for an experienced paving company. There are many paving contractors to choose from in the Bay Area and all around Northern California. However, if a quality job is desired, people should choose a professional paving company.

People will save time and money when they choose a proffesional paving company that knows how to pave in a timely and efficient manner.

Here are the steps to pave a trench as shown in the video below:

  • Grind off pavement
  • Sweep and clean
  • Spray tack oil
  • Pour on asphalt
  • Maximum compression with roller
  • You have new asphalt pavement!

It sounds simple right? Let the experts handle all the details behind asphalt paving. If asphalt paving is done right by a prossional company, it should be simple and hassle free!


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