Paving Quality Asphalt Work

When people think about asphalt “quality”, sometimes it is difficult to define. Some people only care about driving on a road without too many bumps and getting to where they want to be on time. Various factors affect the quality of an asphalt road such as the materials used and the techniques used to pave a road. That is why quality should consider various factors beyond a scientific measure of compression and thickness.

Asphalt quality can be broad and sometimes it is described as the “maximum compression” of asphalt. Quality is extensive because it means different things depending on people’s perspectives. For example, a road can have the maximum compression and may be created to last, but does it dissipate contaminated rainwater away from natural bodies of water? Additionally, does the asphalt consider other environmental factors such as the ground where it was laid on and will the foundation sustain the asphalt over time?

Many factors will determine how long a road will last over time, which should be the real measures of quality. In addition, quality asphalt roads will save people money over time because they will not have to replace them as often.

Choosing the right paving company is complex but the most important factor is quality. A decent asphalt contractor will do the minimum to create a quality product but there might be “gypsy” contractors out there that just want a quick dollar. Alaniz Construction Inc. emphasizes choosing a reputable asphalt contractor who will offer a warranty on their work.

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