Paving One Day at a Time

It does not matter what job or career you do, you need to wake up every day to do it. Whether it is white or blue-collar work, every job involves effort. Paving asphalt is hard and dirty work that requires the right team to make an asphalt surface functional and attractive. Most professional companies make paving look easy because that is the way it should be.

Paving is a team effort and everyone involved takes pride in their work. Laborers and foremen alike wake up at 3-5am in the morning to get to their job sites on time to start the day of paving. The foreman coordinates with the sales team to make sure they are on track with time and money. The laborers play a crucial role as well as they coordinate with the foreman to make sure the asphalt is paved correctly.

If you never seen or felt fresh hot asphalt up close, it is hard to imagine how it is like until you are physically involved in the paving process. Imagine how a hot asphalt road on a summer day feels like except 2 to 3 times as hot, that is fresh asphalt.

Asphalt will stick under your work boots as you are frantically trying to lay it down and pave it before it gets cold. Not to mention looking over your shoulders constantly looking out for machinery like the rollers and work trucks. Safety should always be a priority.

At the same time while paving the asphalt surface, the paving crew hurries to clean any mess that they unintentionally create. Making sure any structures or cars are not damaged is important during a job as well. Since asphalt is a dirty job, asphalt and oil will stick to any surface it comes in contact with, thus, cleanliness is required.

At the end of the day once the paved asphalt surface cools off, another day of hard work has been done and the work crews are ready for the next day. Next time you see a paving or construction crew doing their work, slow down and appreciate their efforts. A professional paving company like Alaniz Construction Inc. in the SF Bay Area will make paving easy for you.

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