Asphalt Paving and The Weather

As cliche as it sounds, the weather in the San Francisco Bay Area is unpredictable. One of the challenges of paving asphalt and concrete in the Bay Area is the weather. Generally, as a rule of thumb a professional paving company will be busy when it is not raining. Thus, in the San Francisco Bay area April through November is the busy season for an asphalt company.

It is no surprise to locals that the SF Bay Area has various micro climates. In the South Bay it could be sunny and warm but in The City it could be cold and possibly raining! This adds another layer of complexity to the paving industry, however, all of these challenges are taken into consideration when scheduling paving jobs.

Generally, as long as the weather is over 55°F and it is not raining, a quality asphalt paving job is possible. However, it is not as simple as the weather being right, but other tangible and intangible factors that have to be considered as well. The right weather plays a big role in determining if a paving job can be completed when all of the other factors are correct.

There are many challenges beyond weather, such as traffic that play a big role in coordinating a quality job. This is where experience comes in to play. Generally, paving companies that have been around for years know what they are doing (we hope so!). Generally, mistakes made by paving companies is the reason why warranties come into play for the protection of customers. Regardless of what the competition is doing, at Alaniz Construction, Inc. we know what we are doing and we do it right.

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