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Asphalt Sealcoating is the most effective way to protect and extend the life of your businesses asphalt investment. Studies have shown that when an asphalt sealant is applied from the beginning and throughout the life of an asphalt pavement it can greatly increase – even double –  its life span. This can save your business tens of thousands of dollars over the course of its life, and keep your property looking its best.


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Alaniz Construction recommends sealcoating application for all asphalt surfaces, sealcoating protects and maintains the life of your asphalt and should generally be done every 2-4 years depending on traffic conditions and weather. The ideal time to seal a road is when deterioration is first discovered; thus saving expensive patching or repaving. Alaniz Construction only uses the highest quality sealants and the latest sealant spray equipment to apply the proper coatings to revitalize and preserve your asphalt investment.


All asphalt eventually has to be replaced, but you can significantly slow down the replacement cycle with a long-term maintenance program that includes sealcoating. Regular applications of sealcoat can extend the life of your asphalt pavement and save you up to 300% in maintenance costs over a 15-year period.

If you’ve had a new parking lot installed in the last year or two, a fresh coat of sealcoat is a must. It’s a smart preventive action against deterioration, and it makes older surfaces look new again.

Left untreated, your parking lot’s biggest enemies—rain, sun, oil and even oxygen—speed up the aging process and give way to cracks, potholes and eventual failure due to water infiltration. That’s why sealcoating makes sense, from residential driveways to shopping mall parking lots.

Why Sealcoat? Small Investment, Big Savings

Parking lots are expensive. Next to HVAC and roofs, they’re the biggest cost (and source of headaches) for property owners and managers. Sealcoating costs pennies per square feet compared to asphalt paving, and helps maintain and extend your pavement usability and viability.

Sealcoating makes for a good-looking lot. Jet-black pavement and crisp lines give off a strong first impression you can be proud of.

Mother Nature is relentless and unforgiving. An application of sealer coats and seals the porous surface of asphalt and prevents water penetration and surface oxidation caused by UV rays.

Traffic and automobiles are relentless and unforgiving, too. Without sealcoat, gasoline, oil, rock salt and other chemicals can eat away at pavement—and your bottom line.

Sealcoating creates smoother, more efficient surfaces. Regular sealer applications keep your pavement surface smooth, which lowers operational costs for cleaning, maintenance, and snow and ice control.

Alaniz Construction offers different sealer products and applications (squeegee or spray) to fit your needs. After inspecting your surface, our Pavement Problem Solvers can recommend a solution that best fits your needs.

Prevents Water Damage

On an unsealed asphalt surface, water will seep into the asphalt pores. Water will erode the asphalt surface causing cracks and potholes to form. If water freezes in porous cement, it will expand and cause cracking.

Defends Against Chemical Damage

Motor oil and other vehicle fluids can saturate and break down asphalt surfaces. Bitumen is the active binding agent in asphalt cement and is made of a crude oil by-product. Motor oil will absorb the bitumen, which will dissolve its binding properties. potholes and erosion.

Protects From Sun Damage

The UV rays from the sun will oxidize the asphalt cement causing it to lose its binding properties. Accelerated oxidation will create loose gravel at the asphalt surface, and will break down the pavements thickness.

Advantages of Sealcoating:

  • Outstanding toughness and durability
  • Flexibility at all temperatures
  • Fast drying to rich, black color
  • Excellent resistance to fuel, oil and chemicals
  • Fills minor voids and provides uniform texture
  • Stops pavement degradation
  • Preserves asphalt oils in the pavement
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Highly cost effective

Signs You Need Sealcoating:

  • Asphalt is fading from black to grey.
  • Small cracks are showing.
  • Surface sand is wearing off revealing rock below.
  • Sandy deposits are collecting in the corners of your lot.

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